Hello, I'm Jonathan Hooper.

I'm a Software Developer at 18F.

In addition to my role at 18F, I work as a digital arts instructor for The Futures Fund.

My interests include iOS development, Ruby on Rails, React, open data, open source software, Linux, civic technology, bicycling, and hiking.


Here are some projects I've worked on:


TapWater is an iOS application built to help users track how much water they drink in a day. The app allows a user to set a goal for the number of ounces of water they wish to drink per day and track their progress as they strive to meet that goal.

Baton Rouge Animal Control Incidents

This web application allows you to view animal control incidents that have occurred in East Baton Rouge Parish. Incidents can be filtered by date and by whether the incident involved a cat or a dog.

This app uses Baton Rouge Open Data to download animal control incidents.


BRewge is an app for locating businesses with a liquor license in BR. It is built for those nights when you are in a new part of town and you want a drink.

BRewge is an app built on Baton Rouge’s Open Data API.

The Futures Fund

In addition to teaching for The Futures Fund, I also do some software development work. I built the static marketing site as well as a small Rails application for managing photos for the photography program.

Activate Conference 2016

I put together a talk on the Swift programming language for Activate Conference 2016, Baton Rouge's first web dev conference. The talk provided an overview of the language's history and a review of some of its features.



Louisiana State University:

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Senior Software Engineer

Software Developer


The Futures Fund:

Digital Arts Lead Instructor

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